CCKT pleased to see Green party fighting the peaker plant

By Bill Rea
The King Township Sentinel

Party Leader Mike Schreiner was on hand last Friday near the proposed site, along with several local farmers and representatives from the community, including Debbie Schaefer, chair of Concerned Citizens of King Township (CCKT).

“We need a political party that’s willing to speak out on this issue,” he declared.

Schaefer offered the CCKT membership an update of the issue at their general meeting in King City Thursday evening.

Things have been moving, she said, as she reported that Pristine Power Inc., the developer of the project and half owner of the facility to be known as York Energy Centre, has applied to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) for a licence to generate power. OEB has a window for questions to be received regarding the proposal, and she said CCKT is working to get their questions in by today (Wednesday).

Schaefer also reported Enbridge has applied for the licence to install the 16- kilometre pipe that will be connected to the complex. She said King City area resident Harvey Tenenbaum, who has worked in the industry, will be involved in the hearings.

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