Reduce poverty with a basic income guarantee

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 14:45

Support a basic income guarantee

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The most efficient, effective and dignified way to address poverty is with a basic income guarantee for all citizens. 

Ontario is about to launch a pilot to test a basic income. Give your feedback to the Ministry using our easy form by Tuesday January 31. 

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What is a basic income guarantee? This is a income provided by the government that everyone qualifies for, regardless of circumstance. The goal is to help reduce poverty in a more effective and dignified way than current social assistance programs.

What are the benefits of a basic income guarantee? A basic income guarantee means that there is no need to police recipients. This is a more dignified way to address poverty that would save money in administration.

What is happening right now? The Ontario government has committed to running a Basic Income Pilot. They are seeking input from the public on this important program until January 31. For more information visit the Ministry website.