Schreiner Proves He’s Serious About Building Green Party of Ontario


Mike Schreiner used the last day of the Legislative session at Queen’s Park to reflect on a productive fall for the Green Party of Ontario (GPO). Having assumed the party leadership less than a month ago, Schreiner has been working tirelessly to build the GPO’s membership and fundraising capacity and has advanced positive, bold ideas for the future.

In over four dozen media interviews since November, Schreiner has discussed three broad themes around which the GPO is focused: building a prosperous green economy – including a Green Tax Cut for all who live green, fostering strong communities – by launching a province-wide petition to stop the planned gas-fired power plant in the Holland Marsh and promoting the health and wellbeing of all Ontarians.


“As I travel Ontario, people say it’s time for the Green voice to be heard at Queen’s Park, as only the Green Party has been advancing the big, bold ideas that will build a prosperous economy and strong communities and ensure that Ontarians are as healthy as possible.”
– Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO

“I believe building a modern economy in Ontario begins with implementing a Green Tax Cut. It is for this reason that the GPO remains firmly opposed to the McGuinty government’s plans to implement the HST – Ontario should use every tool at our disposal to lower taxes for those who live green. Giving up our taxing authority to Ottawa is as irresponsible as it is wrong.”
– Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO


• Mike Schreiner is the GPO’s first ever full-time leader.
• GPO members voted 97% in favour of Mike Schreiner’s leadership, in London, Ontario on November 14, 2009.
• Mike Schreiner has appeared in over 50 media stories since November – in virtually every media market in Ontario.


To learn more about the GPO and Mike Schreiner, or to sign the petition against the gas-fired power plant on some of Ontario’s most productive farm land, visit

Mariana Di Rezze