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Ignite session [What is an Ignite session? Find out here (opens in a new window)]

Below you’ll find the draft agenda for the GPO 2016 Annual General Meeting and Policy Conference. Times & activities are subject to change. 

Details will be added as they are confirmed. 

Friday May 13 Speaker/Presenter
3:00pm Registration Open  
4:00pm Nature hike  
6:00pm Meet & Greet  
7:00pm Dinner Welcome.

Speaker during dinner:
Chris Henderson: Aboriginal Power: Clean Energy and the Future of Canada's First People

8:30pm  Ignite Session

Speedy presentations on hot topics! This year's presentations include:

  • Bruce Hyer (Electoral Reform)
  • Stacey Danckert (Building capacity by joining efforts)
  • Myrna Lee (Lyme Disease Issue campaign)
  • Norbert D'Costa (Democratic World Governance)
  • Matthew Casselman (#GreenMovementSoWhite - Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Stefan Klietsch (What exactly is a small business, anyway?)
8:30pm Campfire Join for a campfire at dusk
9:30pm Hospitality Suite  
Saturday May 14 Speaker/Presenter
8:30am Intro to GPO Conventions (For new members & those in need of a refresher)
9:00am Convention Welcome  Robb Barnes & Lydia Nyilasi (Co-Hosts)
9:05am Traditional Welcome Terry McKay
9:15am President's Address & official convention open Matthew Casselman
9:30am CFO report   
9:40am Plenary Business, Constitutional Resolutions
10:45am Break  
11:00am Provincial Executive Nominee Election Speeches  
11:30am Roadmap to 2018. Q&A (members only) Mike Schreiner & Becky Smit
12:15pm Lunch  
12:45pm Leader's Keynote Speech Mike Schreiner (Introductions by Bruce Hyer)
1:30pm Plenary Constitutional and Policy Resolutions
3:15pm break  
3:30pm Breakout Sessions & Workshops

Session A: Supporting your heroes: creating a Superteam of motivated volunteer leaders, with Sabrina Bowman.
See workshop description.

Session B: Policy Panel on Jobs in a Renewable Energy Economy

  • Moderated by Bruce Hyer, Deputy Leader of the GPC and former MP
  • Panelists include:
    • Jutta Splettstoesser, GPO Energy Critic
    • Chris Young – Co-Founder of Stoked Power Generation 
    • Jose Etcheverry Ph.D., Co-Chair - Sustainable Energy Initiative
    • Janice Ashworth, Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-Op (OREC)
    • Neil Kudrinko, Green entrepreneur 
5:00pm Break for the day Optional outdoor activities
6:30pm Cocktail Reception  
7:30pm Gala Dinner Keynote speaker:Jo-Ann Roberts & volunteer awards
10:00pm Hospitality Suite  
Sunday May 15 Speaker/Presenter
8:30am Provincial Executive Meeting  
9:30am Breakout sessions & workshops

Session A: Green Party of Canada: 2015 Election Debrief, covering Overview, Lessons learned, Going Forward, Q&A
Session B: Policy Workshop: Stacey Danckert & Matt Casselman: Developing GPO policy and constitution
Session C: Intro to Public Speaking with Ronald Servant. See workshop description

11:00am break  
11:15am Plenary Constitutional & Policy Resolutions
12:30pm Skype Speaker UK Green MP Caroline Lucas (via Skype)
1:00 PM Lunch  
2:00 pm Plenary Constitutional & Policy Resolutions
3:00pm  Closing Remarks & Adjournment  


Keynote speaker: Jo-Ann Roberts "Almost Victorious in Victoria"

Federal Green Party candidate and former CBC Radio Host, Jo-Ann Roberts, will join us to tell tales from her high profile campaign in the federal riding of Victoria in last year’s election. She’ll share the highs, the lows, the joy and the heartbreak. We’ll hear what worked and what didn’t and in the end, what we can all learn from it. 

Mike Schreiner: Leader of the Green Party of Ontario

Mike Schreiner was elected leader of the Green Party of Ontario on November 14, 2009. Under Mike’s leadership the GPO has experienced substantial growth in its identified supporters, fundraising, staff, volunteers and media exposure. He has lead successful policy campaigns to push the provincial government to fund the Experimental Lakes Area, ban neonicotinoid pesticides and price carbon pollution. A leading advocate for independent businesses, local food and sustainable communities, Mike is well known for his leadership in co-founding the award-winning Local Food Plus organization and for his successful Guelph-based small businesses, WOW Foods and Earthdance Organics.

Jose Etcheverry: Jobs in Renewable Energy Economy Panelist

Jose Etcheverry is Associate Professor and Co-Chair of the SEI in the Faculty of Environmental Studies of York University. 
After obtaining his PhD at the University of Toronto, where he specialized on hybrid renewable energy systems, he became focused on developing the Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) of York University. Dr. Etcheverry’s current research is centred on climate change mitigation and renewable energy policies with a focus on practical policy solutions, collaborative approaches and effective communication strategies.

Caroline Lucas: UK's first Green Party MP

Caroline Lucas was first elected as Member of Parliament for Brighton Pavilion in 2010 and again in 2015 with an increased majority. She served as leader of the Green Party of England and Wales from 2008 to 2012. In 1999, she was elected as one of the Party's first MEPs and represented the South East region until becoming the UK’s first Green MP.

Chris Young: Jobs in Renewable Energy Economy Panelist 

Chris Young has over 20 years experience developing early stage clean technology firms. His interest in renewable energy first began with the installation of a 0.3 kW off grid Solar PV system in 1992. 

With the launch of the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program, Chris embarked on a journey that ultimately led to the establishment of North American operations for a major European renewable energy developer and the construction of 33,000 kW ($145 million) of solar that was sold to a Canadian publicly traded company. 

Sabrina Bowman: Workshop Facilitator: Supporting your heroes: creating a Superteam of motivated volunteer leaders.

Sabrina has spent the past decade working in the not for profit sector on environment, politics, and international health. She trained with organizer Marshall Ganz at Harvard in his Leadership, Organizing and Change course, and has facilitated several sessions training organizers working on a variety of progressive issues. Sabrina co-organized the 2014 Canroots East conference in Toronto, bringing over 150 people together to learn about different approaches to organizing. She volunteers at a do it yourself bike shop, and loves teaching people how to fix a flat tire. 

Workshop description: "You’ve got volunteers coming in the door to help with your Green Party work - great! Now how do you get them to stay and then create a robust core of “hero” volunteers who will stay committed? In this hands-on workshop, we will explore how to build strong, committed volunteers by taking a ladder of engagement and leadership development approach, which can validate both you and your volunteers and create power to do more within your organization." 

Jutta Splettstoesser: Jobs in Renewable Energy Economy Panelist 

Jutta is a farmer in Huron-Bruce.

She studied agriculture at the University of Bonn in Germany. Her working experience as a manager on organic farms in Canada and Germany gives her an understanding of local, national and global issues. Recently Jutta worked during the Advanced Agriculture Leadership Program (AALP) in a consulting team about First Nation Youth Engagement in Agriculture. 

Since 2011 Jutta focused on education about renewable energy. She persistently encourages respectful dialog, critical thinking and responsible planning in all levels of government. In her role as director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) Jutta has been an active team player to lead the Roadmap to 20/20 policy imitative to advance community and commercial sustainable energy. 

Jutta raises three daughters age 13 to 17 in the Municipality of Kincardine. Committed to good governance and collaboration, Jutta serves on the Provincial Executive for the Southwestern Region and as the energy-critic of the Green Party of Ontario. 

Workshop: Intro to Public Speaking

In this workshop, we will explore some basic tips on making your next public speaking experience a better one.  We will also explore a simple method for writing a speech.  The workshop will be a mix of tips and examples, combined with some hands on practice writing and delivering a short speech.  You should come away from this workshop with an understanding of how to craft a speech and deliver it effectively in public.