Media Statement – GPO Leader Mike Schreiner

“Economist Jeff Rubin, who will be speaking at the Liberal convention in Collingwood on the weekend, presents convincing arguments on rising energy prices that support policy positions that the Green Party has advocated for years.

The trend of greenwashing by the Liberal government continues. If the Liberals are suddenly concerned with preparing Ontario for high energy prices, why is the government failing to make energy efficiency and conservation a top priority when it is the most financially responsible and effective approach to addressing our energy needs? Why is the McGuinty government cutting funding for public transit? Why are the Liberals not introducing tax and regulatory reforms to support small and medium size businesses and family farms that are the backbone of our local economies?

Having a noted green thinker speak at a convention is laudable, but it is no substitute for real action on creating a green economy for the future. The Liberals are playing catch-up - it’s time for the Green Party of Ontario’s consistent and comprehensive vision to foster prosperous local economies and sustainable communities that promote health and well-being. This is one of the reasons the last McGuinty Liberal candidate and current Mayoral candidate from Wasaga Beach Steve Fishman is now supporting me and the Green Party of Ontario in Simcoe-Grey.”


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Jaymini Bhikha