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Pauline taught elementary school for twenty-seven years, and continues as a supply teacher up to the present time. She has also had experience in real estate, laboratory work, and animal care jobs.
During her whole career in Peel, Pauline was the school representative for the teachers’ union, including the Federation of Women Teachers of Ontario.
Pauline joined the Green Party of Ontario and Sierra Club Peel in 2010. She is now secretary of the GPO, and on the executive of the Sierra Club Peel. She is also involved in promoting active transportation in Peel Region, particularly among students.
As a working mother of two daughters, Pauline has always been interested in equality for women and girls. Her first laboratory job taught her about the gap between male and female compensation for exactly the same job: $225/month for females, versus $2.50/hour ($440/month) for males. Other experiences as a female have also delivered indelible lessons. She is proud to be a feminist.

Shadow Cabinet Member for Women's Issues

Pauline Thornham

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