Set the Record Straight

I would like to make it clear that the Green Party of Ontario supports the feed-in tariff program for the development of green energy projects such as wind generation. Greens are pleased that the government has finally moved in the direction of supporting one aspect of our long standing policy on green energy.

As my comments in today’s Owen Sound Sun Times indicate, I have serious concerns about the failure of the government’s top down approach to implementing wind energy projects. Unfortunately this approach is creating significant opposition to wind energy at a time when Ontarians should be celebrating the opportunities in the green energy sector.

Greens support community power projects where development is initiated by locally owned enterprises and/or the benefits of the wind projects are shared widely among the community. There is much greater support for wind power in jurisdictions that utilize a community power approach.

I also support health studies into the affects of all forms of power generation—nuclear, gas, coal, oil and yes wind.

Our principled concerns regarding the implementation of wind energy should not be inflated into wholesale opposition to the Green Energy Act. Wind energy is far too important to Ontario’s future to fail in its implementation. Greens are ready to work with Ontarians in developing wind, solar, biogas, biomass, water and geothermal energy so that we share in the benefits of a green energy future today.