Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner Releases By-Election Platform for Eastern Ontario


Green Party of Ontario (GPO) Leader Mike Schreiner, along with Leeds-Grenville Candidate Neil Kudrinko and Ottawa West-Nepean Candidate Mark MacKenzie, have officially kicked off their by-election campaigns by releasing a platform for Eastern Ontario that clearly outlines their vision and commitment for:

• Building a prosperous green economy
• Fostering strong, sustainable communities
• Promoting health and well-being for all

Mike Schreiner also announced that this platform reflects the GPO’s priorities for the Spring Session at Queen’s Park. Schreiner assured voters that by sending one of these candidates to Queen’s Park, we secure a strong Green voice to tackle these priorities and finally hold the government to account.


“The Green Party of Ontario is pleased to be represented by two local business and community leaders. You have my commitment that electing a Green MPP will mean electing an advocate for a prosperous green economy, vibrant local communities and a healthier Ontario.”
– Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO

“I believe that this platform represents the needs of small and medium businesses, family farms, the amazing people they employ and the communities they reside in. We don't need top down regulations to achieve the goals we seek, we need a government that will partner with us to create jobs, strengthen our communities, and improve our environment”
– Neil Kudrinko, Candidate, Leeds-Grenville

“By releasing this platform, we are showing the people of Eastern Ontario that the Green Party is the only political party with a clear and comprehensive plan to take on the challenges of our time, things like climate change, food security and the need for healthy people and strong communities.”
-Mark MacKenzie, Candidate, Ottawa West-Nepean

The full platform can be viewed here.