Greens Celebrate Strong Showing in By-elections

Last night’s convincing third place finish in Leeds-Grenville prompted the Brockville Recorder and Times to declare that “a strong showing by Green Party standard-bearer Neil Kudrinko in Thursday's by-election has apparently solidified his party's status as the riding's third party.” In Ottawa West-Nepean, the GPO made gains to come within thirty-five votes of finishing third.

The by-election results demonstrate that our fresh thinking and inspiring message is leading voters to say 'yes' to a better, more sustainable world for ourselves, our children and future generations. As the only party that offered voters a platform with a vision for eastern Ontario, the Green Party inspired people to support good ideas. This prompted Randall Denley of the Ottawa Citizen to declare that “Voters should think Green" and that our "party provides a real political alternative.”

It is clear that the Green message is resonating with people. Now we need to leverage this momentum to build the GPO’s organizational capacity to be in a position to elect Greens in 2011.

I want to thank Neil Kudrinko and Mark MacKenzie and their campaign teams for a job well done. Momentum is growing for the Green Party of Ontario. Yesterday’s by-elections show that the GPO is continuing to increase our share of the vote in each election, and we're now starting to compete as the third party in the province. I’m proud of the vision Greens presented and the issue driven campaigns our teams conducted.


Mike Schreiner
Leader, Green Party of Ontario