2017 Fall Fundraiser Equity Policy

This Equity & Complaints Policy for the 2017 8th Annual Fall Fundraiser is made pursuant to Bylaw M – GPO Code of Conduct.

The equity officer for this meeting will be Norbert D'Costa.

  1. An email address will be provided, at equityofficer@gpo.ca for individuals to make complaints.
  2. The Equity Officer (EO) will investigate all complaints received. An EO may, at their discretion, refuse to pursue a more detailed investigation of a matter if, in the equity officer's opinion:
    1. the subject matter of the complaint is trivial and/or not envisioned in Section 2.0 of Bylaw M;
    2. the complaint is frivolous or vexatious or is not made in good faith;
    3. under existing administrative practice there is an adequate remedy for the complainant.
  3. If the EO has decided to investigate an issue:
    1. the subject(s) of the complaint will be notified as soon as possible.
    2. the subject(s) of the complaint, at the equity officer's discretion, will be afforded to make a written or oral statement responding to the allegation against them.
  4. The EO will determine whether Bylaw M, Section 2.0 has been violated.
  5. In the event of a violation, the equity officers will devise an appropriate resolution with GPO staff. This may include, but is not limited to:
    1. a warning;
    2. a mediated discussion between involved parties;
    3. expulsion from the meeting social events;
    4. removal from the meeting.
  6. In any case where the EO decides not to investigate or further investigate a complaint, they shall inform the complainant of that decision.
  7. Upon the completion of an investigation, an EO shall inform the complainant and the accused person or persons of their full decision.
  8. Every investigation by the EO under this policy shall be conducted in private.
  9. The EO will be in attendance at official affiliated social events until a time that is reasonable.

The EO will provide a report to the GPO Ombuds Committee immediately following the conclusion of the meeting.