​Policy process: questions and answers

GPO Policy ProcessHow do I submit a policy?
Where do I find current GPO policy?
What are the required components of a policy submission?
Do I need to gather sponsors and develop policy myself?
What are the deadlines?
What if I miss a deadline?
Is the policy approved as long as I submit it?
How can I help ensure my policy is passed?

1.    How do I submit a policy?

The GPO has an established process where any current member is invited to submit resolutions. You must submit your resolution online.  You may contact policy@gpo.ca if you have any further questions. 

Members are also encouraged to socialize their policy resolutions. The GPO, where possible, will provide forums for members to engage on policy. Regular social networks and events are also appropriate places to receive feedback from your peers.

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2.    Where do I find current GPO policy?

The current policy book is available on the GPO website.

3.    What are the required components of a policy submission?

All required fields need to be populated using the webform on the GPO website. Members are strongly encouraged to connect with the policy coordinator prior to submission. If you require assistance, you can email policy@gpo.ca

4.    Do I need to gather sponsors and develop policy myself?

You can seek help and feedback through contacting our policy coordinator. This person is responsible for leading the review of policy resolutions prior to submission. This includes direct access to Shadow Cabinet and members who have expressed interest in reviewing policy. Members are encouraged to take advantage of these resources and increases the likelihood that your policy will receive enough sponsors and pass at the Annual General Meeting. 

5.    What are the deadlines?

The submission period opens on Saturday, February 18th, 2017. Resolutions must be received by Saturday, April 8th, 2017. It is advised that you start the development process early to ensure that you have enough time to make revisions and gather sponsors. 

6.    What if I miss a deadline?

Deadlines are mandated by our bylaws and constitution. They exist to ensure the party has enough time to process resolutions and the membership has sufficient notice prior to the AGM. However, emergency resolutions can be submitted at the 2017 Annual General Meeting if the following requirements are met:

A.    It is considered an emergency by the Chair or Party President;
B.    It receives sponsors from 10 delegates at the AGM;
C.    It receives the support of 75% of the AGM plenary. 

7.    Is the policy approved as long as I submit it?

Submission of your resolution on time, with sufficient sponsors, and with Party approval, will ensure that the resolution is on the agenda at the Annual General Meeting. Delegates will rank the resolutions by preferential ballot and consider them in that order at the AGM. The delegates will consider as many resolutions as time permits. Although it likely that your resolution will be considered, there is not a guarantee. 

8.    How can I help ensure my policy is passed?

A policy resolution that is highly relevant, well researched, and salient with our values, will likely receive enough sponsors and rank highly on the resolution ranked ballot. Socializing your policy among members in advance and attending the AGM will also be helpful. The submitter, or a sponsor, should be prepared to answer questions about the resolution at the AGM. A compelling introduction to the floor, and due diligence in advance of the AGM, increase your chances of success considerably.